Clayton Taylor featured in the SF Business Times.

From the Article...

When Covid-19 swept over Oakland 15 months ago, Clayton Taylor was drawing up designs to give the lobby at one of the city’s office high-rises hospitality feel — a concept meant to enhance the experience of going to the office.

The concept doesn’t focus on games like table tennis or bowling alleys common in some tech offices. The hospitality approach focuses on serene moments — spaces that allow employees to step away or enhance their autonomy.

“I think that the workplace was always seen as almost the opposite of what the house should be or what a very comfortable space can be. It’s more business versus casual,” Taylor said. “And I think that is starting to blur as we are trying to look at the architectural interior spaces creating this new middle ground of, ‘I’m comfortable at my workplace, I’m both healthy and safe, but I also feel like I want to be here.’”