West of West is an architecture and research practice that engages the worlds of design, art, culture, and technology to shape contemporary life and the built environment at all scales.


We collaborate with pioneering people and organizations to develop environmentally and socially responsive buildings and communities. Our endeavors interweave innovation and craft and include new models of housing, retail environments, creative workplaces, and experimental urban infill structures. Founded in 2014 by Jai Kumaran and Clayton Taylor, West of West is an award-winning practice with completed projects in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Portland.

West of West is a process-driven design practice that creates value through vision. The studio balances the social, cultural, economic, and environmental conditions of each project with function, beauty, and opportunity.


Our research and design process prioritizes listening and clear communication to translate ambitious strategic concepts into impactful architectural solutions. We explore design ideas through project-directed research that integrates craft, materials, form, and proven best-building practices within a collaborative, stakeholder-driven approach. This work draws from the unique conditions around each project to create meaningful places for people to live, work, and play.


  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Project LeaderSteph Conlan, RA
  • Project LeaderBrandon Hansen
  • Project LeaderJonathan Rieke, AIA
  • Art DirectorMayola Tikaka
  • Project Designer IITom Adamson
  • Project Designer ICaitlin Senne
  • Project Designer IJess Smith, RA

Past Team

Serena Abouchar, Margit Applegate, Liz Chrisco, Justin Cua, Ameya Dalal, Ciro Dimson, Holly Dufek, Rebecca Elroy, Michael Gastineau, Mike Gregg, Jen Endozo, Cami Kamigaki, Sihan lai, Asiyih Lawrence, Long Lau, Connor Katalbas, Erik Larson, Brittany Menear, Sam Sherman, Summer Stephens, Keely O’Brien, Jiayue Peng, Jared Younger, W. Addison Mullins.