Eastbound published in Dezeen

West of West experiments with "beautiful roughness" for Austin office complex

West of West has completed a concrete office complex in eastern Austin, Texas with flexible workspaces, community amenities and public greenspaces between buildings that reinterpret the neighbourhood's industrial context.

"We were taken by the low concrete and metal warehouses surrounded by wild landscapes and ancient oak trees, and the way those buildings were aging after fifty years and the landscape had grown up around them. There was a kind of beautiful roughness to the buildings. We set out to make a contemporary version of the industrial warehouse, one that can age well over time" said West of West partner Clayton Taylor.

The buildings are organized around a central paseo that creates a playful, organic relief from the gridded facade and serves as the primary circulation space between the ground level restaurant, lounge, gym and office lobbies.

- Dezeen (Kate Kate Mazade)